Jenny Celebrates 22 Years of Life

Jenny turned 22 this weekend! It seems like an old age (Jenny referred to herself as an old hag multiple times throughout the night) but its also exciting. I’m glad to be getting older; thus far, older has been better. When I look at my sister, who is almost 16, or others around me who are just starting college at 18, I can feel the insecurity and unease I had at that age. I’m way happier and more comfortable with each passing year–I like this older version of myself more.

 However, just because we are getting old doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy a good old fashioned night of downtown shenanigans in celebration of Jenny. Although the night may have started on a classy note on Mary Kate’s porch, it ended with me and Jenny singing and dancing by ourselves at Boar’s Head. We may be older but there are some things that really have not changed since we were kids.

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