Cauliflower Crust Pizza

In the last few weeks I have been pinning like crazy and I’m finally starting to understand how that website works. The only problem is that it makes me want too many things, or makes me want to bake too many yummy treats, and my DIY board is overflowing with far too many projects.

However, I did find a recipe for a cauliflower crust pizza and I decided I absolutely had to try it. I’m not really sure why, since I am not a big fan of cauliflower, but it looked so delicious. Plus, it means I get to eat a whole pizza without being ridiculously unhealthy, which I would consider  a huge success.

The recipe is from Lauren Conrad’s blog (she has a blog? and cooks?) and I just followed her steps for putting together the crust. It was super easy and I got to use my food processor, which makes me very very happy.

Here is the finished product–my food photography skills most definitely need a bit of work. I topped my crust with pesto,zucchini, colorful sweet peppers, tomatos, and cheese. It was topping overload, but the mess was definitely worth it–it was absolutely delicious.


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