This Saturday, like all Saturday’s in Athens during the Fall Semester revolves around Football. Even when our team kind of sucks, and the team we are playing is less than exciting, Athens is still bustling with alumni and fans, and tailgates take up every grassy surface on campus.

When I first started college, I simply could not find the appeal in football. However, when your entire town gets taken over by rabid fans and you literally cannot leave your house because of traffic and road blocks, you might as well learn to love it instead of resenting it. As they say, when in Rome…

This Saturday was one of my favorite game days since I started college. Even though the game was at noon, the weather made up for everything. It was crisp and breezy but the sun was shining, and we couldn’t have asked for better game day weather.

We ended up leaving the game around half time because our team was actually winning (!) for once, and we got super hungry. We made our way downtown and snagged an outdoor seat at East West Bistro, which was absolutely delicious.

I had a blackened salmon sandwich on crusty sourdough bread, which came with sweet potato chips. Pure food bliss.

After a stop-over at Blue Sky we headed back to for some rest. While Jenny chose the more traditional nap-in-a-bed route, Mary Kate and I made our way down to the Oconee River Greenway for a nap in the sunshine. Even though I’m incapable of napping, resting my eyes while the sun warmed my face was kind of perfect.

Even though I was not able to head downtown to celebrate our football teams victory that night (I was ready for bed by about 6:00pm), it was a successful Saturday. It only took us four years, but I think we’ve just about got it right.


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