Dip Dyed

For the last few weeks I have been lusting after some new hair color. I should be doing this the grown-up way, and getting some highlights/lowlights or going the salon for the whole foils thing, but what I really want is some unnatural cotton candy colored hair.

Obviously, I wouldn’t want to dye my entire head of hair–I am trying to get into law school after all. However, recently I have seen so many pictures of lightly dyed hair and dip dyed streaks that I had to create an entire inspiration folder for them.

I pretty much want any hair Abbey Lee has. I definitely gave this picture to my hair dresser when I got my bangs cut in. Her color is super intense–it reminds of the magenta my friends and I used to streak into our hair when we were in high school.

Kate Foley’s light pink hair completely encapsulates the subtlety I’m looking for. Her tip is to mix the hair color with conditioner before applying to so that the color is a little more muted.  She makes me wish I had blonde hair so that I could have such light colors show up easily.

Again. Need Blonde hair. I’m loving the pink and purple combination too. So obsessed.

If I can achieve the above look, I will be very happy indeed. I have more researching to do on how to avoid bleach in this process, but I’m hoping to join the ranks of people with oddly colored hair very soon. I’m sure my law school interviewers will be highly amused.


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