Things that I like

My dashboard is constantly overflowing with things that I have dragged on it throughout the week–favorite pictures, blog posts, and random things that generally entertain and amuse me. Here are some of my favorites from the last few weeks:

romantic and fairy inspired Elle UK Magazine cover

Givenchy dress from the Spring 2012 Collection. Givenchy is usually a home-run in my opinion (hello everything Florence Welch has ever worn from the brand) and this collection is no different. I love the sheer cutouts, layers, and flowy bits that make it so romantic.

Speaking of Florence Welch in amazing dresses…..I mean, seriously. Stop. It makes my soul happy. And if you need new tunes, go listen to this. Can you tell I have a [MAJOR] girl crush?

Rabid food gawking has left me with an intense recipe to-do list, and this is definitely on top: Orange Blossom Cheesecake with Blueberry Pomegranate Compote. Hopefully my mom and I will dive into this next weekend when I go home. I feel like her culinary expertise could be useful for this project.

I need this nail polish immediately. Its gorgeous and its called ‘Suzy Loves Cowboys’ and I need it. I also need my fingernails to look like those and not the gnawed on stubs I’m currently sporting.

Finally, for some inexplicable reason, every Fall I long for Paris. The only time I ever went was in the summer (sadly) but theres something about crunchy leaves and muted colors that makes me long for sidewalk cafes and walks along the canal.


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