A few weeks ago, we finally made the trip out to Terrapin, Athens’ local brewery.

It was way out in the middle of [sketchy] no where, they had some technical difficulties that ended with us standing in line for a solid 45 minutes before we could get our drinks, but the weather was great, the sunset was beautiful, and the singer sounded like Bob Dylan.

It was one of those perfect fall nights where we spread out a blanket in a field, laughed a lot, neglected our homework, and enjoyed the twinkle lights and each others company.

After we  drank our fill of Terrapin’s yummy flavors (Hopsecutioner, So Fresh and So Green, Green), we headed to a downtown fave, Transmetropolitan, for a carb load and the football game.

Even though I ate my weight in pasta, I was hit with a chocolate craving, so Katie I headed to Walker’s for some hot chocolates. They were divine (Katie’s was by far superior…whipped cream, mint, and grown up hot chocolate……stop).

Even after all of our adventures, I still managed to be in bed with Hulu by 10 pm…it was perfection.




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