Night at the Garden and Porch Decorating

UGA’s student garden had a fundraiser not too long ago called Night at the Garden–there was food from local restaurants and we got to eat in the garden while the sun was setting and acoustic music was playing in the background. Although we should have gotten there a bit earlier since the food ran out fast (lesson learned), what I did eat was deliciousss (tomato-basil bread has forever sealed its spot in my heart).

The decorations were perfection. I loved the long tables, wildflowers in mason jars, candles, and twinkle lights–you really can’t go wrong with twinkle lights. And there is something about Athens’ sunsets, especially out in the agricultural part of campus. They’re just prettier than the ones at my parent’s house.

After the garden, Jenny and I carved our pumpkin and decorated our sorry excuse for a porch with lights and tombstones. It makes me ridiculously happy, and the only reason I am okay taking it all down is the knowledge that Christmas decorations are around the corner.

I was pretty sad that the Chesire Cat pumpkin’s ears didn’t work out like I had hoped, but he’s still cute.


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