The last weekend of October is arguably the most important weekend of the fall semester here. Our entire student body heads down to St. Simon’s for what is referred to as the largest outdoor cocktail party (a very accurate statement). Georgia students completely occupy the entire town and spend all of Friday frolicking on the beach. Then on Saturday, we all pack it in and drive an hour to Jacksonville to play the University of Florida’s football team. To say that the rivalry is intense would be a bit of an understatement–its insane.

{sunsets in the middle of nowhere Georgia are nothing short of spectacular}

We left town on Thursday and drove to the most precious house ever. Even though we had 13 people and only 2 beds, we made it work and had a blast.

{One of the worst nights ever–boys can be mean–but at least everyone else had fun}

The beach was amazing–that Friday is absolutely on my list of all-time favorite moments of being a UGA student.

Jacksonville was a blast too–even though it took us an hour (literally. an entire hour.) to find a parking space, we took advantage of that time to connect with our inner Swamp People and [pretend] shoot some gators. We were completely embarrassing, but confusing Florida fans is entertaining and we were dying of laughter.

The cherry on top of an amazing weekend though? Our boys pulled through and won!! Last year, we lost, and walking out of that stadium was painful and depressing. Revenge is sweet though–Georgia fans were puuumped and even though we got lost trying to find our car (we had some serious parking issues that day) we were too happy to care.

Please note the empty Florida side. It sucks to suck.


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