Year in Review–Part I

Reflecting back on each year is always bittersweet. It scares me how much happens in a year, how quickly each year goes by, and how rarely I stop to actually pay attention. I spend most of my time waiting for that day/week/month to be over, and next thing you know, the year has flown by. I resolve to be more present in this coming year–with a whole semester to intern and do the things I love before I start my new adventures as a law student, I think it can be accomplished :)

In an attempt to start my resolution early, here is 2011 in review, part I.

Just a few days after the new year started, Winter made its way to the South and snow-pocalypse meant that everything came to a standstill, even the beginning of school. It was magical.

Photos stolen from Jenny :)

I started a new job with UGA Recreational Sports, which has been amazing. I will definitely miss being a part of the crew this year and I couldn’t have asked for a better student work experience.

Mary Kate, Jenny and I once again were given the short end of the stick as our spring break plans fell apart. Poor Morgan had to deal with the blood clot from hell, and we tried to make the best out of a last minute trip to Amelia Island. It wasn’t the smoothest trip (thanks to an unfortunate situation involving locked doors) but we made the best of it, and I loved our hot tub conversations under the stars.

After years of planning and waiting, Mary Kate and I finally turned 21. We were lucky to have our birthday fall on a weekend, so we had several days of celebrations with family and friends.

UGA HEROs put on an amazing event in the spring called Pain The Town Red. From a slip and slide to a paint-filled water balloon fight, it was an absolute blast.

After all of that happiness, reality set in and I started spending many many hours a week in my LSAT prep class. It literally drained me and made the end of that semester extremely stressful, but it was so helpful. My only happiness in that time was when my dad found a baby kitten in our driveway. As an avid cat lover, the cuteness was *almost* too much for me to take, and after a few weeks of bottle feedings and caring for the newborn kitten, Chloe became a part of the family.

Part II coming soon!


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