Year in Review–Part II

2011 in review…continued

After the madness of LSAT preparations were behind me, I spent my summer interning with a public defender in town. After several months of jail interviews, court observations, and a lot of filing and copying, I was beyond ready for a break. My family’s annual beach trip, full of sunshine, books, and dolphin sightings  was the perfect way to end the summer.

Fall semester kicked off with a rough start after a roomate had to move out–along with the pressure and stress of completing graduate school applications, this semester had the potential for being a complete disaster. We managed to pull through though, and it turned out to be one of the best semester thus far.

Since it was fall, it was naturally filled with lots of football and tailgating.

Jenny turned 22 and we all realized we only have grown up birthdays left to celebrate. Sadness. It was also sweet to realize that the first birthday I celebrated with Jenny was her 12th (6th grade, I believe)–I’m so glad I’ve gotten to be part of her last 10 birthdays!

We finally fulfilled our dreams of having a successful trip to Florida–naturally, nothing went according to plan, and yet somehow, we had the best time ever.

Most importantly though, we made plenty amazing memories this semester. I definitely tend to be more of a hermit, but the times I did go out and enjoy the company of my awesome friends, I had a blast. Heres hoping for a lot more laughter and plenty of great new adventures for 2012.


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