Washington D.C.

This past weekend I headed up to Washington D.C. for my first time to visit Georgetown Law. Although the open house was informative and fun (other than the insanely smart people who intimidated me and the confusion I now feel about where to go to school), it did mean I didn’t get to explore the […]

All Dressed Up

I don’t think its a big secret that guys looks amazing in suits. There’s just something about a dude in a suit that triggers some odd part of my brain that immediately elevates him above other men, and I’ve always loved looking back at photos of my grandparents when suits were the norm (along with […]


Snapshots from the last few months: Winter treats and coffee refills from Big City Bread. Days at the dog park with this sweet pup are my absolute favorite. Stone Mountain’s Christmas Village. Possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen, but since I have a soft spot for twinkle lights, I secretly enjoyed walking through […]

New Years Eve

The arrival of 2012 was celebrated in the best way possible–with my oldest and best friends in Athens. (I love the roomie love going on in this picture) After Jenny gave a stellar performance rapping Super Bass we headed out all dressed up in sparkles to our favorite downtown spot. I’m so glad that my […]