Silver Lining

This weekend was one that was full of plans–I wanted to go to an event in Atlanta for a law firm, I had a busy day of celebrations planned for my little sister’s birthday, and my mom and I were going to go and get me a professional wardrobe so that I don’t go to said law school events looking like a fourteen year old. Nothing outrageous, but I had plans.

Naturally, nothing worked out. I was almost an hour late to the law firm (atlanta traffic + an uncooperative GPS = I almost burst into tears while making highly illegal u-turns on peachtree), my sister had a friend over for the weekend which meant my whole day of activities didn’t happen, and my mom had a last minute work event so shopping was canceled. On top of it all, my law school anxiety grew exponentially as I was waiting for scholarship notifications, and the combination of all these things did not sit well with my highly anxious type-A self.

As a result, this weekend was an exercise in finding the silver lining. A bowl of fresh and juicy strawberries and cuddles with my kitten while enjoying the breeze on our sunporch were the perfect anecdote, and more importantly, a perfect reminder that there is always something that can make your day better and bring some joy into your life.


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