Snapshots & Family Lunches

A couple of snapshots from the last few weeks:

Beautiful flowers I bought for myself to celebrate law school scholarships.

Enjoying the last of my thin mints (waah) with a cuppa tea.

My sweet kitten, Chloe, who is an excellent packing assistant.

My family also came to Athens to continue celebrating Tanja’s sweet sixteen, and we had one of those perfect Athens Saturdays: lunch outside at Clocked complete with milk shakes and funny conversations, long walks around the city, stopping by all of our favorite stores, and cones from Ben & Jerry’s to top off an excellent afternoon.

My adorable parents.

About 90% of our conversations revolved around how old my dad is getting/how funny we find his reading glasses.

Sadly for Tanja, the Grit doesn’t serve lunch on the weekends (always her first choice for an Athens meal) but she accepted Clocked as an alternative after seeing that they have milkshakes & sweet potato fries. While Clocked’s sweet potato fries did well, the win for best sweet potato fries still goes to the Grit.

I love them.


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