Music City

For spring break this year I took a solo trip to Nashville to visit Vanderbilt’s law school. The open house was stressful, overwhelming, and forced: I ended up leaving early because it was just feeling too fake and I couldn’t stand to mingle anymore, and I took a long walk around the campus by myself. The trees were blooming and the weather was lovely, and I finally got a chance to soak in the day while I fed my oatmeal cookie from lunch to a squirrel. I felt like Snow White and I’m pretty sure passerbys were judging, but I have no shame.

After I had thoroughly soaked in the beautiful campus and the few hours of sunshine we got amidst a weekend of thunderstorms, I ventured to the adorable 12 South neighborhood in Athens for a long walk and some eats.

Burger Up’s quinoa and black bean burger rocked my world and helped wash away the remaining trauma of the open house. Any restaurant that can make veggie burgers that delicious has a permanent place in my heart.

I also loved the gourmet popsicle shop next door, Las Paletas. I wasn’t brave enough for the more adventurous flavors (Avocado and Chocolate-Cayenne to name a few), but my strawberries and cream pop was delicious.

The next day was spent apartment scouting and checking out some touristy spots–sadly the rain forced me to abandon my plans early and spend the evening catching up on How I Met Your Mother.

I had a picnic breakfast courtesy of Panera in the park. Theres just something about eating outside that makes my heart happy.

the Parthenon.

Beautiful blossoms that had overtaken the entire city.

Although I got a little lonely and wished for some company about halfway through my trip, I had a nice time. I left feeling pretty confused and unsure about school. I kept on waiting for that emotional reaction to come, the one where a little voice would pop into my head and say “This is it. This is where you need to be”, but sadly, it never came. There were a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of doubt and anxiety over this decision–if anyone could take a happy occasion, like celebrating your acceptance into law school,and turn it into the worst 2 months of anyones existence, I could. Thankfully, my amazing parents were supportive, kind, and unbelievably helpful, and after many conversations, we made it official:

I will be starting at Vanderbilt Law in the fall, and with each passing day I get more and more excited about what the next few months will bring. I’m scared to move away from my family and friends, and I’m nervous about school and making friends, but I’m trying to see it as an adventure, not a problem. I’m excited to explore Nashville and get to know the city better, and I’m so glad that it is going to be my new home for the next three years.


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