“At the core of citizenship is the idea that the citizen’s body is hers and hers alone, regardless of sexual history, marital status or childbearing… The full citizenship of women is not just about the right to hold credit cards, buy real estate in our own names, have access to abortion and birth control and lead openly lesbian lives in which marriages and adoptions are legally recognized. These things are important in themselves — terribly so, to the point of sometimes being matters of life and death — but what they represent is vastly more important. They are part of a woman’s citizenship and freedom, the right of a woman to fully inhabit her own life and participate fully in the life of the polity (in this case the American Republic) as a public and private equal.”

-Erin Solaro

Its not a debate over which gender is better, stronger, smarter, or more worthwhile. Its about recognizing that both genders are  entitled to complete equality in both the political and the social spectrum: Equal enough simply doesn’t cut it. 


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