This post is actually 1 month behind schedule, and I have no excuse–I’m just lazy.

Mary Kate and I met when we were scared freshmen in Church Hall. In a moment of panic when my demon roommate locked me out of our room, I scanned the hallway and saw an open door and ran into it, hoping I could awkwardly hang out there until I could get back to my space. I don’t know why I didn’t just go into the common room, but whatever force pushed me towards Mary Kate’s room was a good one–it helped us start a friendship that has lasted through college, and I’m so happy to have awkwardly befriended her and Morgan.

(at the Grit, approximately 4 years ago. How did time go by so fast?)

One of the greatest parts of our friendship is our shared birthday, April 9. Our friends were unbelievable this year and threw us a tu-tu inspired party (in honor of the two girls, turning twenty two). The pink explosion was ridiculously adorable, as was the photo booth and the yummy snacks, and I was actually overwhelmed by how special it all was. Our friends are amazing, and I am forever grateful.

Thank you friends!

ps–it must be added that Jenny and I enjoyed dinner at 5 & 10 that night as well–my foodie soul was so happy at our delicious dish (even though it was the most I have ever paid for dinner), and I feel like we really tapped into high end the Athens food scene that night. Now, if I could just have a Hugh Acheson sighting before I leave Athens, I will feel truly accomplished…


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