Snapshots of recent weeks: {early mornings on my parent’s sun porch with a big cup of coffee and deep, heavy, complex literature} {attempting to re-create a Ben’s cookie with a recipe from The Londoner–while they were gigantic and delicious, they didn’t quite live up to a legendary Ben’s. Could anything ever live up to Ben’s […]


With the end of the spring semester and graduation came an exodus in Athens–most students have run home, and more importantly, my friends have, for the most part, left me to fend for myself. While I’ve been busying myself with work and soaking in the last few weeks of freedom, I’ve also been going home […]


Slightly over a month ago, we graduated from college. Thanks to a non-traditional high school experience, it was my first time in a cap and gown with a traditional ceremony. I think the best way to adequately describe Athens for graduation day is madhouse: with thousands of graduates came thousands of family members, but the […]

the end and the beginning

I’ve done it. I’ve rejoined the world of carnivores. This weekend, for the first time in almost 10 years, I ate meat again. Its been in the works for almost 6 months now, my inner conflict about whether to go back to eating meat products, and in all honesty, I teared up before I took […]


Snapshots of recent weeks: summer has already seen its fair share of baking projects, but nothing got me quite as excited as the buckets of meyer lemons and key limes at the farmers market. After whisking a lemon and sugar sauce into submission, I got to enjoy lemon curd tarts that literally tasted like sunshine. […]