Snapshots of recent weeks:

summer has already seen its fair share of baking projects, but nothing got me quite as excited as the buckets of meyer lemons and key limes at the farmers market. After whisking a lemon and sugar sauce into submission, I got to enjoy lemon curd tarts that literally tasted like sunshine.

for our last brunch in Athens as residents and roomates (notice all the qualifiers–we will most certainly be returning to Athens and eating there agan. Graduation is not the end), Jenny and I finally went to Mama’s Boy. The highlight was definitely the french toast we shared as breakfast dessert: I hope I can always have someone in my life who is willing to go in on a breakfast dessert with me.

we graduated from college. this will eventually receive a post of its own because, well, its kind of  a big deal.

we also celebrated graduating from college.

in an attempt to fill the long (and at times lonely) summer days, I’ve been taking advantage of matinees and stimulus tuesdays at Carmike. I love going to the movies alone, and its even better when I can sneak in sugar & spice popcorn and put my feet up since not that many people go see movies at noon on Tuesdays.

my current work schedule has me up at the same time the sun, and the sunrises I get to see from my bedroom window have made the early mornings so much more enjoyable.


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