With the end of the spring semester and graduation came an exodus in Athens–most students have run home, and more importantly, my friends have, for the most part, left me to fend for myself. While I’ve been busying myself with work and soaking in the last few weeks of freedom, I’ve also been going home quite a bit to spend some quality time with the fam.

My sweet sister got me concert tickets to for my birthday, so we had a little date together and got dinner before our show. I was probably the oldest person there who wasn’t a chaperone….so other than me being completely out of place, we had a blast. I am shameless in my love for pop music–especially when it comes in the form of a boy band. Its the 90s child in me.

{grainy selfies that have to be taken because we’re both too socially awkward to ask strangers to take out picture}

My mom, sister, and I also took a little trip to the Briar Patch, a pick your own farm near our house. We are regulars there during blueberry season, and this time our loot included buckets of the purple and blue gems, along with squash, zucchini, and wildflower honey. I also made sure to munch on a few blueberries off the trees while I picked (for quality control, of course): the way they’re warm from the sun and so sweet in your mouth makes my heart sing.

{my sister cracks me up. every photo has a face like this in it.}

This summer has also seen its fair share of Stone Mountain hikes. Its a sad excuse for a mountain, but we make do.

Our last hike up the boulder was followed by a trip to Bruster’s, which I think fully captures the spirit of my family. We will always come together over a cone of chocolaty icy goodness. Even if we prefer Ben & Jerrys over Brusters. Although though my days in Athens have been a little lonely without my buds, my weekends at home have been lovely. Thank you family, for being awesome.


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