I’m a big fan of picnics–I think all food tastes more delicious when you can have it outside, with the sun warming your shoulders and a breeze tickling your hair. I think I’ve made picnic-ing a kind of hobby by this point. Case in point:

{pizza picnics in Athens}

{breakfast picnics in Nashville}

{picnics in Zurich}

{punting boat picnics in Oxford England. Shared with the geese, of course.}

{seeking out the perfect spot in Dublin}

{view from my picnic spot in Dover, England–can you see France across the Channel?}

{mid-hike scenic picnic in the middle of nowhere Cotswolds, England}

{picnic in Versailles, affectionately named Jam Fest 2010. I still crack up at the fact that we smuggled an entire baguette and jar of jam into Versailles. Oh and Kinder chocolates. We got those in there too.}

Clearly, I enjoy my food in rustic settings–Thats why StyleSights recent history of picnics post made me smile.

I love finding those connecting threads with the past. I do realize that these are just photos of people eating outdoors, but knowing that picnics were enjoyed even back in the 1900s makes the fact that I still enjoy them today that much sweeter, you know?

{this is my kind of party. especially when pants like those are involved.}

I adore this photo. Its everything I love about summer in one frame.

all photos from http://blog.stylesight.com/vintage/picnic-time


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