Snapshots of recent weeks:

{early mornings on my parent’s sun porch with a big cup of coffee and deep, heavy, complex literature}

{attempting to re-create a Ben’s cookie with a recipe from The Londoner–while they were gigantic and delicious, they didn’t quite live up to a legendary Ben’s. Could anything ever live up to Ben’s though? Next time I make it back to England, a visit to Ben’s will be necessary within an hour of my arrival.}

I love opening up library books and finding them marked up and dog-eared. It makes me feel like I’m part of a secret book club, especially when I come across an underlined passage that really draws me in too.}

{over-fatigued muscles and aching bodies = being creative at work. moving goals like bosses.}

{A few years ago, my dad planted a bunch of fruit trees in our yard. He’s tended to them with so much care and now they’re finally bearing fruit. Even though these peaches and pears were juuust shy of being ready for picking, I couldn’t help myself.}

{words. From Geneen Roth’s “When Food is Love”. The psychology major (our should I say, psychology degree holder!) in me is enthralled with her.}

{its everything you expect red velvet ice cream to be and more. heaven.}


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