“please update me on your feelings”*

*a request from a friend that made me smile with its candor and simplicity. Good friends are everything. As I sit surrounded by boxes, packaging tape, and the endless amount of junk I’ve managed to accumulate over the last four years, my feelings are, admittedly, scattered. It only takes one quick look around my apartment […]


Snapshots from recent weeks: {Discovering a King of Pops cooler at the coffee shop next to my old apartment was a highlight this summer. Banana Cream Pie pops = everything.} {Lazy girl lunch: spinach salad with Trader Joe’s smoky peach salsa, avocado toast, and an orange.} {Enlightening myself on all the things I really need to […]

Chocolate Chip Cookies: grown-up style

To say that I have loved chocolate all of my life would be an understatement. I adore chocolate. Growing up overseas, Kinder chocolates were my main source of sustenance, especially Kinder Eggs. I still consider myself a connoisseur of all things Kinder, but as I’ve gotten older, my chocolate tastes have expanded. Nowadays, nothing makes […]

Athens Eats, Part 2

While my sister was visiting we spent a big chunk of time eating out. Sadly, I didn’t get to finish my bucket list of restaurants to try, but we did make sure to visit some old standbys that you just can’t go wrong with. My sister’s favorite restaurant in town and one of my all time favorites […]

Banana Bread Pancakes

These pancakes are a recently added rotation to my weekly breakfast menu. With a whole egg and cottage cheese in the mix, its a great way to get some protein in while enjoying sweet and delicious pancakes. Banana Bread Pancakes (adapted every so slightly from Peanut Butter Fingers) 1/2 cup oats 1/4 cup low fat […]