a weekend for goodbyes

My sister came into town for a long weekend of eating, shopping, movie-watching, and exploring Athens. We took it upon us to make it a goodbye to Athens weekend since I’m moving away in a few short days. We hit all of our favorite spots around the city and took our time soaking in all of the quirk and charm this little town has to offer.

{various odds & ends at Frontier & Cillies, two of our all time favorite spots}

{Agora & Minx are clear winners for vintage pieces–especially for records and home deco. I’ll never forgive myself for not buying the life size oil portrait of Elvis I spotted at Agora a few months ago. Rookie mistake.}

{we always leave ample browsing time for my favorite store in town: Jackson Street Books. Its a bookworms idea of heaven–rows and rows of books, creaky floors, and that book smell that just envelops you when you step in.}

{our afternoon was capped off with a run to the daily co-op for some Hip Pops–Kanye Zest for me, Purple Drank for my sister. Both were delicious, but nothing compares to their key lime pie pop. It is without a doubt the worlds best popsicle, and I don’t make statements like that lightly.}

This town has been the best part of my undergrad experience and I’m so sad to leave it now, especially since I didn’t make it all the way through my restaurant bucket list. Thank you, Athens, for being my home for the last four years. Don’t you worry though–I’ll be back with an empty stomach just as soon as I can, and we will pick up right where we left off.


2 thoughts on “a weekend for goodbyes

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