Peach Breakfast Melts

I love breakfast–I went through all of high school never eating before lunch, but once I started college, breakfast became of the utmost importance. Now the idea of starting a day without at least some form of breakfast is beyond me. I tend to be a creature of habit when it comes to my meals and most of my breakfasts consist of greek yogurt and fruit or oatmeal, but sometimes a change up can be so refreshing.

Since I just moved out of my apartment, I avoided buying groceries and instead forced myself to be creative with what I had in my fridge. Through some guidance from the breakfast gods, I happened upon a creation that was actually really delicious and that will definitely become a regular part of rotation.

Breakfast Melts

2 thin slices of bread, preferably dark crusty whole grain.

2 tsp dijon mustard

a few spinach leaves

small fresh peach, sliced into thin-ish pieces

1 or 2 slices of cheese–I used muenster cheese because it melts so beautifully and it tastes good with the peaches. Use what you have on hand, but keep in mind some cheese might not complement peaches!

salt and peper to taste

* *

Begin by preheating your broiler

Spread a teaspoon of mustard onto each of your bread slices

Lay down a little bed of spinach onto each slice. I just did a couple leaves per slice so that it wouldn’t be too high.

Take your peach slices and lay them down on your toast.

Finally, take your cheese and put it on top of the peaches. I split one slice onto the two pieces because my slices were big, but you could add as much cheese as your hear desires.

Sprinkle each slice with some salt and pepper, put them on a baking sheet (sprayed with cooking spray, just in case) and stick them under your broiler. Once the cheese is melted and the bread looks crispy, they’re done.

Its a really easy recipe, but it tastes so good. The dijon gives it a little kick and cuts through the peaches, which get warm and soft in the oven. The cheese just rounds the whole thing out, and the crusty bread gives it all a crunchy base to rest on. Its a really savory breakfast dish and could definitely be part of a lunch or dinner too. I enjoyed mine with a soft-boiled egg and the rest of my peach: it was a breakfast fit for a queen.


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