One Lovely Blog

Many thanks to Avocado & Basil for the One Lovely Blog nomination!

The expectations: share seven things about yourself, nominate your favorite 15 blogs, and share the blog-love with them on their about page.

In an attempt to connect with new followers (hi there–and thanks!), here are the seven random details about my life.

1. Even though I’ve lived in the states for most of my life, I was born in former Yugoslavia and grew up in Germany. As such, English isn’t the only language I speak, and I have family scattered all over Europe.

2. I am about to begin law school. I am slightly terrified about this.

3. I want to open a bakery one day. Even if I am going to law school.

4. I love animals and I gave up my vegetarian lifestyle 2 months ago after 10 years of no meat. Even though I’m much healthier now, I wish I could have gone on without meat forever.

5. I’m a bookworm. I love reading and I’m always on the hunt for something new to read- suggestions?

6. I spent a semester studying abroad in England at Oxford University, which was like being at Hogwarts. The things I miss the most: cobblestones, cream tea, curling up at the Bodleian while it rains outside, and English breakfast.

7. I only enjoy shopping for two things: school supplies and kitchen gadgets.

Although I’m supposed to link back to 15 other blogs, most of the blogs I read regularly aren’t wordpress blogs. As such…here are all 6 of my favorite wordpress blogs. All are food blogs….typical.

*Frugal Family Foodie*

*Simple Provisions*

*Kiss My Spatula*

*17 Bites*

*Avocado & Basil*

*Love + Cupcakes*

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