“please update me on your feelings”*

*a request from a friend that made me smile with its candor and simplicity. Good friends are everything.

As I sit surrounded by boxes, packaging tape, and the endless amount of junk I’ve managed to accumulate over the last four years, my feelings are, admittedly, scattered. It only takes one quick look around my apartment for me to feel relief that I am leaving it behind. Seeing my law school admissions papers gave me butterflies in my stomach–some out of fear–but mostly out of excitement at the brand new adventures that are waiting for me 300 miles away from here. I am so ready for a change-that I am sure of.

Theres sadness too though. Packing away the picture on my fridge of me and my friends, dressed in black and red and white at a football game, makes me miss them terribly. Closing a chapter is bittersweet, especially one that has been filled with so much growth and so many great memories. Even though I graduated three months ago (what the what? where did summer go?!), I’m just now coming to terms with the real end of things. When I get in my car tomorrow, that will be it. Bye bye for real.

Despite the nostalgia for these years and this town that is sure to take root in me as soon as I being unpacking in my new place, I am at peace with the end of my time here. I’m ready to take all of the things I’ve learned about myself and all of the growing I’ve done since I was 18 and apply it to a new beginning. At the end of the day, few things in life are as liberating and freeing as a clean slate and a fresh start, and I fully intend to embrace it and make the very most of it.


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