Hi There.

Its been a little silent over here for the last 3 weeks. I’ve moved to a new state, unpacked a whole new apartment, started a new grad school, made new friends, and I am slowly making my home here in Nashville. School has been a rollercoaster of every emotion under the sun. Its been wonderful […]

Sugar Cookies with Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting

I used to not be a huge fan of cookies (I know. what?). Given the choice between cookies and say, cheesecake, or pie, I would never choose a cookie. All of this changed in England though, when I discovered Ben’s Cookies. They were soft, yet crunchy. Sweet, but kind of salty. I realized I had […]

Pinterest Finds

Some current loves found on the rabbit hole known as Pinterest: A tomato and peach salad for those ripe and delicious summer fruits. White and fluffy bedsheets in a simple bedroom. Pretty much my ideal deco. Girl crush worthy Hanneli Mustaparta and this outfit makes me ache for fall. I’ve been spending a lot of […]

      “From one seed, a whole handful: that was what it meant to say the bounty of the earth” -J.M. Coetzee   these summer mornings at home have taken on a wonderful routine: walking barefooted through the dewy morning grass to the fig tree my dad planted a few years ago. Pushing aside […]

Whale Watching

One of the highlights of our New England excursion was Whale Watching off the coast of Maine. We headed out on a boat bright and early and cruised for almost 2 hours until we reached Jeffrey’s Ledge, a plankton rich¬†area that acts as a prime whale hang out spot. On our way, we spotted a […]

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Small quirky towns are one of my favorite things (as evidenced in my love for Athens)–I love the cracked sidewalks and odd looking storefronts, the coffee shops full of people reading and chatting, and of course, the restaurants that define the local food culture. When you pair any of those things with the coast, however, […]