Whale Watching

One of the highlights of our New England excursion was Whale Watching off the coast of Maine. We headed out on a boat bright and early and cruised for almost 2 hours until we reached Jeffrey’s Ledge, a plankton rich area that acts as a prime whale hang out spot.

On our way, we spotted a pod of about 30 dolphins that let us get really close looks at them as they jumped and played in the wake of our boat. We also spotted a blue shark, but he was a bit more elusive, only poking out a dorsal fin here or there.

After our long journey on the water, we finally saw what we came for–a humpback whale. This particular whale was identified by his unique tail pattern and goes by the name of Patches. Its estimated that he’s about 38 years old and gave us some spectacular tail shots and blowhole puffs.

I’m notorious with my motion sickness–I get nauseous walking down the street–and 4 hours on a boat did me in. Despite the sea sickness, I loved getting to see the animals up close and feeling the wind whip my hair around as we cruised through that beautiful ocean. I can’t think of a better way to start my day than out at sea surrounded by whales and dolphins.


3 thoughts on “Whale Watching

  1. I would love to go whale watching, but I too get horribly sea sick, just a one hour ferry ride to Block Island does me in,…I have to sit in a quiet place out on the deck and just concentrate, mind over matter.

    • thats what I had to do on the way back too–sea sickness is terrible! I know they have medicine on board though, so maybe whale watching isn’t totally out of the question!

      • The magnets are supposed to work too. My worst experience was a catamaran ride for a business trip. Horrible experience. I guess that’s one benefit of living in Nebraska. Can’t be tempted by boat rides.

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