Our other stop on the tour of New England was the beautiful city of Boston. It has such a European feel (probably because it was built without a plan) and I adore it.

We stepped right off the plane and into Legal Seafood to avoid the downpour that descended. I noshed on a lobster roll and we walked along the harbor just as the rain ended and the sun started setting.

Our second venture back was met with much friendlier weather. We decided to follow the Freedom Trail through town, which is basically a pre-marked trail you can follow on the sidewalk that takes you from the Boston Commons to the Beacon Hill monument and through a bunch of neighborhoods and historical spots in between. They offer guided tours, but I liked doing it at our own pace and without a huge crowd. It was a great way to work our way through the city and see some sights-I definitely recommend it for an afternoon of slow-paced sightseeing.

Little Italy was visited several times for pizza and cannolis. We braved the crowds at Mike’s Pastry for cappuccinos and dessert and the chaos was so worth it–my amaretto cannoli was killer.

The Freedom Trail took us all the way into Charlestown and to the Beacon Hill Monument. As if I hadn’t found enough city-soul mates on this trip, I fell in love with Charlestown too. What can I say, I’m a sucker for small crooked streets and gorgeous brownstones.

We had so much fun exploring Boston. It was hard coming back to the south after several days in such gorgeous cities–here’s hoping we make it up north sometime soon!


2 thoughts on “Boston

  1. Nice photos :) I have wanted to visit Boston for years. My daughter is a History teacher; we’d love to take a mother-daughter trip to New England and see all the historical sights. Maybe in the fall when the leaves are changing?!

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