Pinterest Finds

Some current loves found on the rabbit hole known as Pinterest:

A tomato and peach salad for those ripe and delicious summer fruits.

White and fluffy bedsheets in a simple bedroom. Pretty much my ideal deco.

Girl crush worthy Hanneli Mustaparta and this outfit makes me ache for fall.

I’ve been spending a lot of quality time on Netflix watching Felicity. Not only is it the perfect “you’re about to start school again” show (how I wish I was starting undergrad and not grad school though…hello butterflies.), but I adore Kerri Russel and her 90s style–all of my chunky sweaters would have been at home had I gone to college in the 90s.

Hair: please grow so that you can be as beautiful as Diane’s. Thank you.

Adventures to go on.

And a song for Wednesday.


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