Hi There.

Its been a little silent over here for the last 3 weeks. I’ve moved to a new state, unpacked a whole new apartment, started a new grad school, made new friends, and I am slowly making my home here in Nashville.

School has been a rollercoaster of every emotion under the sun. Its been wonderful meeting all these new amazing people (who are so smart. so smart. and kind.) and the school itself is fantastic. My classes are challenging in a way that makes me feel like my brain is growing everyday but that also makes me nervous and intimidated and that makes me doubt my abilities. Sometimes I start falling down a rabbit hole of overwhelming emotion, but then I have to stop and remind myself that its only been two weeks. It feels like a lifetime, but 10 days of real school is all I have under my belt, so I try to stay patient. I also miss my family and friends more than I can articulate. Its been growing pains to the extreme, ya’ll.

Here are a bunch of snapshots of my new life. Other than my school anxieties, its been a pretty fantastic three weeks.

{the mellow mushroom pizza outside of my building makes me feel at home.}

{the view from my bedroom window. Taylor Swift lives up in the corner penthouse and there are rumors of Kings of Leon residing in there as well. I’ve yet to spot them, but as an avid people watcher, its a fun way to procrastinate.}

{some of my new best friends.}

{the essentials: caffeine, chocolate, eye drops, charged up computer, private study carrel in my secret campus study spot (that law library is stress central), and some quality time with my Torts book.}

{we threw an impromptu rooftop party at our building last weekend. it was sparkly and i laughed all night long.}

{I’ve obviously been making my rounds throughout Nashville restaurants and the best stop thus far was Jeni’s Ice Cream.  Being the glutton that I am I couldn’t just pick one flavor so I went with the try three bowl: goat cheese & cherry, sweet corn & blueberry, and dark chocolate. The sweet corn & blueberry was the best ice cream I’ve ever had. Ever.}

{yes, you’re reading correctly: Trailer Resort. Paradise Park is a trailer park themed honky tonk in downtown here and we tend to end up there more often than I am comfortable with. Only in the south…}

{Green Hills Farmers Market made my week. Fresh veggies, local goat cheese, and bluegrass music playing while I browse through each tent. Best Saturday morning activity.}

{market loot.}

{season opener against South Carolina. It wasn’t quite like Athens, but I made it work. Who would have thought I’d miss my dogs that much though?}

{my current cell phone background and the reminder that gets me through those tough days at school followed by long hours at the library}


2 thoughts on “Hi There.

  1. That ice cream sounds unreal. It’s good to hear someone being so positive when it seems that times are tough! Hang in there. Law school definitely isn’t supposed to be easy, and I’m sure you’re making everyone so proud!

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