Nashville at 6mph

I run. Not competitively, not particularly enthusiastically, and not very well, but I run. Its been a necessity these days for getting through the stress and tension that seems to build over the week: lacing up my sneakers and pounding the pavement with my ipod blasting is the perfect vacation from the library and lately, I’ve loved running as the sun is slowly setting and that little fall breeze is blowing past me at the end of the day.

I tend to be pretty adventurous in my paths. I like to spontaneously turn down streets and go every which way I please and see what I discover. Since I run with my iphone which has those convenient maps/gps features built in, I manage to find my way home eventually, and its been such a lovely way to get to know this awesome little city and see some fun sights.

{church towers as you’re coming into downtown}

{I’m a sucker for sparkly skylines. However, This late night jog got me next to a very seedy little club called Showgirls. Needless to say, I turned right back around and hustled my way home.}

{gorgeous Gothic architecture on Broadway.}

{the back of the Bridgestone Arena. Far less impressive than the front, but I did get to see a gorgeous and tattooed band member/crew member/whatever I decided to impose on him in the moment guy walk out. Its the little things, right?}

{pops of color after one of those thunderous house shaking southern storms. During this jog, I also slipped on a wet leaf and face planted on the pavement. The damage I did to my shins/hands can’t even compare to the damage that tumble did to my ego :)}

{the lovely Frist Museum. I’m obsessed with those giant flowers in the front, complete with giant critters crawling on the petals.}


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