Reproductive Rights

I’m not secretive about my feminism–in fact, I LOVE to talk about feminism, about the role of women in our world, about societal expectations of women, about slut-shaming, and most importantly, about the power of women.

I firmly believe that empowering women is an essential element of progress. Its easy for us as western women to feel disconnected from the struggles women face elsewhere–I’m not subject to genital mutilation. I can freely pursue my education. I have an avenue, however flawed it may be, to punish those who violate my body. Despite these options, there is still a lot that I don’t have. Our bodies are stil legislated over, with decisions being made for us by governmental bodies which fail to represent us. Women’s bodies are objectified, chopped, represented crudely, and are generally treated as the property of society as a whole; as topics available for conversation and judgment and scorn.

The rights I have over my body, my reproductive rights, matter to me. I think they matter for us all. I encourage you to keep standing up for them in whatever way you feel is right. If you’re interested in taking an affirmative action, head on over here: and sign your name. Its an issue that affects all women and all men who care about the women in their lives.



2 thoughts on “Reproductive Rights

  1. Such an important topic right now. What do you think of the media’s coverage of the Republican’s alleged “War on Women?” Sometimes I feel like the coverage is a little overblown in the liberal media, but sometimes I think it’s such a hugely important issue that maybe it’s not covered enough. Sigh. I just wish everyone understood how important women’s reproductive health is – even women themselves don’t give the issue enough credence. So thanks for your post.

    In other words, I’ve just been handed off a “Beautiful Blogger” award, and I wanted to share it with you, too. I really love stopping by your blog and reading your posts. If you’d like to participate, head over to to get the details. It’s all fairly simple.

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Cal! Thanks so much for the nomination. Thats super awesome.

      As for the media’s coverage, I think its a hot-button issue right now that is getting lots of air time because of how it will affect voters. Women are (obviously) a huge constituency, and I think its to the democratic party’s advantage to play up the Republican’s ‘war on women’ in order to keep more voters on their side. Even though this means they are probably over inflating the issue, I am glad for it if it opens up a dialogue between people concerning women’s rights–like you said, even women don’t think about it often enough!

      As a final note though, the simple fact that women/women’s bodies/women’s rights are even a substantive issue in presidential election taking place in 2012 is enough to demonstrate how women are still marginalized. Shouldn’t we be past this already?

      Anyways. Thanks for your insightful comment and question. Girl power, am I right?

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