for your little sister who is a total hipster and way cooler than you could ever hope to be

Its almost December!! I’m a sucker for the holidays and bursting with excitement over tree decorations, christmas cookies, christmas music, wrapping paper, and yes, even gift buying. I love picking out the perfect little somethings for all my favorite people, and this year, I’m putting together a gift ideas series. Look out for the posts over the next few weeks–hopefully something in there will be the perfect match for someone on your list!


Anthropologie Fox Tights

[because if anyone can pull off tights with woodland critters on them, she can]

Marc Jacobs Shorty iPad Case

[why shouldn’t her iPad case have a personality as big as hers?]

OPI Nailpolishes

[because she loves having painted fingernails, and navy blue polish is the perfect hipster alternative to black.]

Girlchild by Tupelo Hassman

[so that she has something to read at the local coffee shop.]

An Alice in Wonderland Print 

[a neat print for her room, since Alice is her favorite.]

Dangly Earrings

[because she requested earrings, and these are the perfect mix of edgy and versatile.]

Holga Camera

[for her never ending photography projects and ever expanding camera collection.]

Movie Night

Go to a sweet shop and load up on goodies, sneak them into the movie theater, and go see a late night showing of Les Miserable together, because all she really wants anyways is to spend time with you.


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