Snapshots of fall & winter:


my favorite place ever, Jenis, gave out free ice cream in 12 south as a thank you for winning Best of Nashville awards. The most delicious ice cream (Brown Butter Almond Brittle & Bramble Berry Crisp were sampled & savored) coupled with a burger from Burger Up made for the greatest afternoon ever.

also…as an aside, for those near a Jeni’s, or who order from Jeni’s, don’t miss out on the deliciousness that is their Sweet Potato & Toasted Marshmallow holiday flavor. I feel the need to defend weird ice cream flavors, but this one is so delicious, you will wonder why you ever doubted the presence of sweet potatoes in ice cream


gameday football brought down to the field by a skydiver.


school owned me this semester, and breakfast was often had at a cubicle in the library at 6am. At least I got to see pretty sunrises while I got dressed.


my amazing mom sends the best care packages to get me through studying–my favorite european chocolate treats, the best granola ever, and sweet words of encouragement.



I’m pretty obsessed with how gorgeous campus is. Fall was so beautiful that I had lunch on a bench in the above courtyard almost everyday.


speaking of gorgeous fall…I definitely abandoned the tedium that is memo editing one weekend to go run in centennial park instead. I hate that guilty feeling of leaving work behind to go do something for yourself, but sometimes its just necessary to be outside, in the sun, with fresh air, and no computer in front of you.


My new favorite running path takes me from my apartment to the pedestrian bridge in downtown Nashville. Even though the entire jog back is uphill (cue screaming calves and a mental dialogue where I have convince myself that  running is good for me), I love that bridge enough to put up with it.


Richland Park Farmers Market root vegetables were out of control delicious. Crunchy kale, jewel colored carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes…be still my heart.


My precious kitten, Chloe, helping me with my summer job applications.


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