for that tech-savvy guy with super awesome headphones and an even cooler itunes library

Wireless Outdoor Speakers to show off all of those perfect party mixes USB Cuff Links because they’re kitschy and sleek at the same time, and he’ll totally feel like james bond when he busts them out. Virtual DJ to mix up his own tunes (bonus–its free w/the mail in rebate at Frye!) Moleskin Music Journal with pages […]

for your best friends who make sitting on a porch and chatting while sipping wine feel like the greatest thing ever.

Wine Goodies: Fancy New Glasses anda fruity Red everyone will love because while they’re not essential for bonding, they’re certainly preferred. Pretty Knit Scarf and Cute Earrings  To help them look adorable all winter long Feminist Ryan Gosling to empower them while also giving them the greatest gift of all: an entire book full of Ryan Gosling. […]

for the self proclaimed foodie who likes shopping for measuring spoons and knows about every restaurant in town*

*99% of this is off of my own christmas list. hopefully Santa will be kind to me this year! Beer & Food Calendar Could there be a better way to keep track of the passing days than with beer & snack combinations? I think not. Especially when they’re this beautifully illustrated. Chemex Coffee Maker   […]

for your little sister who is a total hipster and way cooler than you could ever hope to be

Its almost December!! I’m a sucker for the holidays and bursting with excitement over tree decorations, christmas cookies, christmas music, wrapping paper, and yes, even gift buying. I love picking out the perfect little somethings for all my favorite people, and this year, I’m putting together a gift ideas series. Look out for the posts […]