what I wish I could spend my sundays doing. these days are spent cooped up in the library, poring over cases and aggravating my already sore wrists with more typing. carpal tunnel is going to own me by the time I graduate. Even though I have a mountain of work and studying to do in […]

Nashville at 6mph

I run. Not competitively, not particularly enthusiastically, and not very well, but I run. Its been a necessity these days for getting through the stress and tension that seems to build over the week: lacing up my sneakers and pounding the pavement with my ipod blasting is the perfect vacation from the library and lately, […]

Hi There.

Its been a little silent over here for the last 3 weeks. I’ve moved to a new state, unpacked a whole new apartment, started a new grad school, made new friends, and I am slowly making my home here in Nashville. School has been a rollercoaster of every emotion under the sun. Its been wonderful […]

      “From one seed, a whole handful: that was what it meant to say the bounty of the earth” -J.M. Coetzee   these summer mornings at home have taken on a wonderful routine: walking barefooted through the dewy morning grass to the fig tree my dad planted a few years ago. Pushing aside […]

“please update me on your feelings”*

*a request from a friend that made me smile with its candor and simplicity. Good friends are everything. As I sit surrounded by boxes, packaging tape, and the endless amount of junk I’ve managed to accumulate over the last four years, my feelings are, admittedly, scattered. It only takes one quick look around my apartment […]