A Visit

A few weekends ago, my sweet friend made the trek west to come and visit me. We have such a lovely weekend together–I’m still having a hard time accepting the fact that not all weekends can be quite as wonderful as that one. We ate so much delicious food (so.much.) and pranced all over Nashville […]

Nashville at 6mph

I run. Not competitively, not particularly enthusiastically, and not very well, but I run. Its been a necessity these days for getting through the stress and tension that seems to build over the week: lacing up my sneakers and pounding the pavement with my ipod blasting is the perfect vacation from the library and lately, […]

Hi There.

Its been a little silent over here for the last 3 weeks. I’ve moved to a new state, unpacked a whole new apartment, started a new grad school, made new friends, and I am slowly making my home here in Nashville. School has been a rollercoaster of every emotion under the sun. Its been wonderful […]