Miniature Apple Pie

One of the challenges in pie crust making (by challenge I mean blessing) is that it usually makes enough for 2 pies. And sometimes, you can use the other half for the crust/topping/deep dish-ifying of the pie, but other times, you’re stuck with extra crust. If I had a big family or other mouths to […]


This post is actually 1 month behind schedule, and I have no excuse–I’m just lazy. Mary Kate and I met when we were scared freshmen in Church Hall. In a moment of panic when my demon roommate locked me out of our room, I scanned the hallway and saw an open door and ran into […]

“At the core of citizenship is the idea that the citizen’s body is hers and hers alone, regardless of sexual history, marital status or childbearing… The full citizenship of women is not just about the right to hold credit cards, buy real estate in our own names, have access to abortion and birth control and […]

Snapshots & Family Lunches

A couple of snapshots from the last few weeks: Beautiful flowers I bought for myself to celebrate law school scholarships. Enjoying the last of my thin mints (waah) with a cuppa tea. My sweet kitten, Chloe, who is an excellent packing assistant. My family also came to Athens to continue celebrating Tanja’s sweet sixteen, and […]