2013 has arrived!  I spent the evening with my closest friends from high school and college, enjoying the crowds in our old college town for a few hours before walking home in the freezing cold and eating cinnamon rolls while watching house hunters. Clearly, we know how to rage. I had a somewhat awkward encounter […]

Reproductive Rights

I’m not secretive about my feminism–in fact, I LOVE to talk about feminism, about the role of women in our world, about societal expectations of women, about slut-shaming, and most importantly, about the power of women. I firmly believe that empowering women is an essential element of progress. Its easy for us as western women to feel disconnected […]

      “From one seed, a whole handful: that was what it meant to say the bounty of the earth” -J.M. Coetzee   these summer mornings at home have taken on a wonderful routine: walking barefooted through the dewy morning grass to the fig tree my dad planted a few years ago. Pushing aside […]

“please update me on your feelings”*

*a request from a friend that made me smile with its candor and simplicity. Good friends are everything. As I sit surrounded by boxes, packaging tape, and the endless amount of junk I’ve managed to accumulate over the last four years, my feelings are, admittedly, scattered. It only takes one quick look around my apartment […]

“Nevertheless, in my fantasy I take a sailboat to the Cayman Islands and live outside the law, an old gray-haired lady, browned and wrinkled, who arrives each day to pick books she has ordered from Amazon. There at the sun-drenched dock by the turquoise sea in which coral reefs shimmer as fish of every rainbow […]