Athens Eats, Part 2

While my sister was visiting we spent a big chunk of time eating out. Sadly, I didn’t get to finish my bucket list of restaurants to try, but we did make sure to visit some old standbys that you just can’t go wrong with. My sister’s favorite restaurant in town and one of my all time favorites […]

The End of an Era

We finished up our football season with a game against Auburn–it was sad to realize that the next time we will be in the stadium is for graduation, but the game was great and the weather was perfect, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Campus was so full of tailgaters–it was a great way to wrap […]


A few weeks ago, we finally made the trip out to Terrapin, Athens’ local brewery. It was way out in the middle of [sketchy] no where, they had some technical difficulties that ended with us standing in line for a solid 45 minutes before we could get our drinks, but the weather was great, the […]


For a while now, Mary Kate, Jenny and I have been walking through the forest trails near our college campus. Its so peaceful and we get to semi-exercise while having a chat session. Even though I have gotten lost in these woods numerous times by myself, Jenny and Mary Kate somehow navigate through here flawlessly. Now […]


This Saturday, like all Saturday’s in Athens during the Fall Semester revolves around Football. Even when our team kind of sucks, and the team we are playing is less than exciting, Athens is still bustling with alumni and fans, and tailgates take up every grassy surface on campus. When I first started college, I simply […]